I have had many, many domains over the years to the point where I've lost count. Recently, I've let a lot go and kept a small number that are close to me. Here, you can read about these domains and their history.
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What webmaster doesn't want a .NU, right? It looks really cool and not a long of people have them, which also means there's tons more domain names available. I put off buying one for years though because they are ridiculously expensive. You have to pay for a minimum of two years and the price costs about as much as buying 6 domain names. Needless to say, your wallet is going to hurt.

Well, on October 17, 2011, I buckled and compiled a huge list of around 20 .NU's, using only Japanese names and names of characters I like (since .NU's are normally short). I asked some friends and trimmed the list down to about 3 names. Then I took votes. It was a super tough call and while I still expect to buy the other two names at a different time, one thing was clear:

Rokuro.NU won. It looks cool when you type it in the URL, it sounds cool when you say it whether or not you roll the R's, and I've always wanted a Japanese domain name. Best of all, it's based on a character I LOVE. His name is Rock and while I know him from the 2001 anime, Metropolis, he's actually one of Osamu Tezuka's characters that makes an appearance in lots of animanga since the mid 1900's! He's been referred to as an anime "actor."

Rock is such a hottie, and if you watch the anime, you'll see he's probably the most complex, interesting character there. He may not be in a lot of material that I've read or seen, and the most I've seen of him is in the 2-hour movie where he plays an anti-hero/villain, but as a huge uber fan of Tetsuo Shima of Akira, this guy was just what I love in a person. However, Rock.NU is boring. I did some research and fortunately, his Japanese name is similar to Rock, but looks a little cooler in a domain name. So yes, Rokuro is one of Rock's names in Japanese. :)

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In a nutshell, this domain is my first "real" domain. It was registed in August 2006. (Actually, my first domain ever was in 2003 called, but that's another story, haha.) It has all sites personal to me. The main page works simply as my blog.

When thinking of a domain name, I went through a few, some of which were and I wanted to use something that really defined me though, not so much something I'm a fan of. I ♥ wolves, so I wanted to involve them somehow. I thought of phantoms in a novel I've written and how my main character, a werewolf, sees them in the woods. That version is old and the phantoms and the wolf no longer exist, but at the time, it worked. Hence, Phantom Wolf. That makes it really personal to me.
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As I stated above, I really like .NUs. After years and years of running, I honest to God got tired of it, something I never thought would happen. I used to love the name and thought it sounded so cool. Well, eventually, I thought it sounded dumb and ugly. I still love the characters, but the name had a different effect on me.

Now, vegetashima was my fandom domain. This means it houses most of my sites. I wanted something fresh and pretty. I finally decided on buying a domain named for one of my favorite characters from Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue. It took a lot of work, but I registered in April 2014, and moved all my sites over. I'm really happy with this domain and after 7 years of hosting vegetashima, I know this one will last twice as long.

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I bought this domain in August 2011 just because I love the name. It reminds me of Sailor Moon. I have set it up to offer hosting to various sites. That's about it!

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Originally, this domain was going to be my professional blog in connection with, however I decided to simply install a blog directly into that domain. I purchased the domain because it reminds me of this character in this book I wrote as a teen. He is a "Ruler," in other words, a king or emperor. Anyway, he's a polygamist and marries four sisters… 'nuff said, lol.

Currently, I offer hosting off this domain, and might actually give it to someone (just to use) if they have a really cool use for it. Otherwise, it will sit gathering dust until I find a use for it, lol.

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This was a spur of the moment domain (like many -_-U). I made a layout for a friend's site and as repayment *cough through incessant pestering cough*, he bought a domain for me! Like many of my domains, I didn't have a use for it, I just wanted the name. It happened to come at a time when I was creating a ton of fanlistings, so I figured why not use it as a collective until I find a better purpose for it. In other words, it's probably going to be that forever, lol. For a few months, I changed it into a food blog, but that fell through. Right now, this domain is gathering a lot of dust and needs to be reworked.

Visit it here. was born August 25, 2009.
It evolved into on February 2, 2011.

This website is the one I have on my business card. It's my professional site and I don't link it in anyway to my Dream-Giver Network. It's solely for my books and a way for professional contacts to stay updated with what I am currently working on, along with other things. When I get published and people know my name, this is the place they're going to be checking. It includes a blog, my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and it's own custom 404 error page.

Flesh Dimension
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This domain was registered on February 15, 2012. It was originally going to be a domain for hosting all my Silent Hill shrines, but that didn't happen. So then I turned it into a short horror story website. Right now, it's just kind of sitting there gathering dust. I'm not really sure what I want to do with it, but I love the name, so time will tell.

Viva la
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This domain was registered on January 22, 2014. This is a new attempt for me. A friend and I are creating a DIY/food blog aimed at anyone interested in creating your own little crafts, jewelry, and even home renovations. I also showcase lots of my cooking, baking, and ice-cream making on there! Hey, that rhymed! xD There are also free printables and cards I made here. This is the first website I have spent money on to promote. I hope to make this my fulltime job.