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Welcome, welcome…to the Dream-Giver Network. This expansive network belongs to the one, Lady DinoBug. Have you ever been here before? If not, get ready to dive into the biggest pile of unfinished websites ever. If you have, you know the drill…pretty layouts…huge image galleries…procrastination throughout. Oh yeah. Enjoy your stay, Spicy Gummybear. Lemme know what you thought. ;D

What is It is a collective of 8 domains. Some are fresh and frequently used. Some need some serious dusting. Go ahead…dive in. ;)

Ah, the beloved first shrine. Opened in 2006, this was the baby that started it all. This is my personal domain. So basically, probably lots of stuff you aren't too interested in. However, if you're a pro cyber-stalker like moi, then please…stalk away. ♥

Ah. the true powerhouse. The domain that holds what you're probably here for. Goodies goodies goodies! Now go! Feast on the glory! ^0^


Whenever I say this name, I sing it: Merry merry milk-shake! This delicious smooth, strawberry milkshake with fudge swirls holds within its sweet and delicious icecreamy mixture, my beloved fanlistings. Time for a spoonful.

The oasis on the moon where the Sailor Warriors take their vacation. That's my pretend pretend anyway. So this is where I have my lovely hostees. Anju is a shrine maker I'm more than honored to host. Please check out her amazing work.

Honored, admired, adored

My affiliates are my friends, and they are also some of the most talented people I know. It is my pleasure to be associated with these incredible people. So go ahead, visit them, love them, enjoy their beautiful work. They deserve it, I ♥ them. :)

Fly away, pretty bird

You're leaving? Aww… Well, before you go, I've got some last-minute treats for you. If you enjoyed your stay, consider linking back. I'd be happy to reciprocate. Making new friends is my favorite. :)